ACVV History

The ACVV (Afrikaanse Christelike Vrouevereniging; English translation: Afrikaner Christian Women's Movement) was established on 1 September 1904 in Cape Town by a group of women who wished to offer practical assistance to those affected by the Anglo Boer War. From these humble beginnings the ACVV's services have grown and transformed from emergency relief, primary health care and educational services to comprehensive social work and child protection services for children and older persons. Over decades we have expanded our footprint from a few women to one of the largest welfare organisations in South Africa.

ACVV Bothasig Creche


Self-caring families and individuals where family members recognise each other's rights and use resources as needed.


To nurture pre-school children together with the community, by being a cost-effective resource for development and care for children and their parents.


Our aims and objectives include:

• Quality care to all children based on children's rights and human dignity.
• Providing a well-balanced nutritional diet for all our children.
• Offer education, based on sound Early Childhood Development (ECD) principles, for all our children.
• No discrimination against any person regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnic group, disabilities or level of income.